Complete Guide to Vaping Culture

Since vaping was introduced to the American market, smokers have been making a transition from traditional cigarettes to E cigs and vapes like Juul or Myle. Instead of it just being a replacement for cigarettes, it’s turned into a past time for many. There is a new wave of different types of vape enthusiasts as the industry grows. As a result, various vaping subcultures are emerging.

Vape Smoker Breakdown

In this emerging subculture of people who vape, whether it be with Juul or Myle there are people that like vaping for different reasons. From DIYers, to people who just like the various flavors, it seems like there is a group for any kind of vape enthusiast looking for a home. Although there are at least ten subcultures that have emerged, these three appear to be the most popular. They have bred influencers within the industry, and it shows no signs of stopping.

Vape Hobbyist

Just like there are cigar lounges for people that enjoy unwinding for a few hours with a cigar, vape hobbyists are no different. They too enjoy “smoking,” but instead of being surrounded by the strong stench of a cigar, they vape instead. It’s just as social, and not as harsh on the lungs. Vape hobbyists have a strong knowledge of not only flavors that are available, but also different vape products and enjoy experimenting with anything new in the market to compare to whatever they have had in the past. They know the ins and outs of not only the industry and attend expos, they are also able to steer you in the right direction if you are a novice that is still figuring out your own palette. It’s fun, it’s social, and it’s rapidly growing.

Vape Trickster

The vape trickster vapes for fun, but has made a hobby of doing “smoking” stunts. They’re able to create designs with their smoke. Three common stunts that are fun for beginners are: rings, waterfall, and bubbles. Rings are one of the most common tricks to learn. There are different ways to achieve the rings, but for beginners, start with taking a healthy drag of your e cig or vape and inhale it into your throat. Do not inhale the smoke into your lungs! You won’t get any rings out of that. Shape your lips into an “O” shape. Push the smoke out of your throat. myle podsOnce you grasp the technique, you will have perfectly shaped smoke rings. Bubbles seem to be a pretty common trick done with all kinds of smokers. All you need is bubble solution and a tube of any kind. Dip the tube into the solution and make sure it can make a bubble. Take a hit from your Myle or Juul and blow smoke through the tube. A bubble should form with the smoke trapped inside. See how big you can make it! Send us pictures!

DIY Vaper

From homemade e-juice to custom-made accessories, vape enthusiasts are really creative in tailoring their vape experience to match their lifestyles and preferences; they’re practically mad scientists. They have been known to create their own flavors, and even customize their coils to suit their preferences. Coils vary in size and metal. The coils are used to heat up the liquid in your vape to help you get the flavor that you want. Each one carries different qualities that can help vape enthusiasts figure out how they want to vape. For example, if a vapejuul starter kit enthusiast wants to do tricks, they need more vape to be expelled when they puff. If a person is a non-enthusiast and they are only trying to quit smoking cigarettes, they may not care about the amount of smoke that they expel; they’re satisfying a craving. Different vape customizations are made for different needs.

Vape users can get very creative when customizing their devices from the look to the functionality. What do you guys do? How do you want to customize your vape? Comment below!

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