JUUL Alternatives

As changes have been made at Pax, the pricing of the Juul vape has been creeping up. Luckily, there are safe alternatives for those that are afraid to try the cheap versions of a vape pen. After the popularity of vaping took off, many knock-off companies created their own much cheaper versions. The majority of those vapes were either defective, or proved to be hazardous to the people smoking them. They have been known to leak a questionable chemical, sometimes not work at all; even after many hours charging. In some cases, there were reports of some exploding. Although Juul still remains king in sales, it is unclear how long the streak will last.

Since Juul has been going through recent transitions (from a partnership with Altria, to a run-in with the FDA), it is unclear what the future of Juul will be. As Juul readjusts their new corporate position, availability of the vape pen has been declining. Not to fear! There are other alternatives that are just as safe as the Juul, that cost a fraction of the price.


Stig is a disposable smoking alternative e-cig. There are three available flavors that come with the Stig. It is portable with a sleek design and can easily fit in your pocket.

It’s disposable; if you’re not a big time smoker, more like the one and done kind, Stig is a great option. There are three available flavors, and the battery can last up to two days. There are three different flavor options with Stig. The Cubano, mango bomb, and tropical mango. The disposable factor is the most appealing thing about stig. It’s great for occasional smokers that need a little hit from time to time.


KWIT is a smoking alternative e-cig that uses refillable which are found in tobacco leaves. There are eight flavors that come with the Juul. It is portable with a sleek design and can easily fit in your pocket. Luckily, there is also a starter kit for Kwit if you’re looking to get into vaping altogether. It’s cheaper than Juul, and is totally refillable! There are four different flavors; mango tango, mountain mint, sweet tobacco, and wild watermelon. Other features of the Kwit include: The battery fully charges in about 20 minutes, and the battery lasts up to a full day. All you need to charge it is a USB.


Another sleek alternative to the Juul, the Myle ranks close in popularity. Many people that vape bought both for comparison. It comes with five different flavors; strawberry, mighty mint, Cubano, lush ice, and tropical mango. The pricing for myle is much lower than that of the Juul, but it is still just as safe. There have been no reports of explosions, short charge time and long use time.

Even though Juul is still on the market and available, the demand has not changed. Since there are many changes going on behind the walls of Pax, who knows what the fate of Juul will be in the near future? The company is not dead, but while they figure out their new plan of action, vapers still have options on the market.

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