JUUL and JUULpod Alternatives

JUUL and JUULpod Alternatives to Consider

JUUL and JUULpod Alternatives

Adults, who are genuinely looking for a substitute to cigarette smoking, will find many alternatives out there. One of the dominant players in the e-cigarette market so far has been JUUL, with JUUL pods having being the biggest seller by far.

Newcomers to the market are challenging this monopoly with new innovations in their pod systems and vape products. They are aggressively entering this lucrative market with very competitive pricing. Competition is just as good for the vaping industry, as it is within others too, and it also assists in ensuring higher quality products. Consumers need to be alert and to seek certifications in order to ascertain that they are not been sold counterfeit products or products that do not meet safety standards. 

As JUUL undergoes some transitions, one of them is a problem with the FDA and another is their new partnership with Altria, there might be a decline in the availability of the pods, more specifically, the fruit flavored variety. Even if there is no decline in availability, consumers have been carping on several issues for some time now.

What are the reasons that JUUL clients are looking for alternatives?

  • Even though JUUL has kept releasing a variety of great flavors, the pod is a closed system, allowing the user to vape only the flavors provided by JUUL pods.
  • The JUUL pods are not refillable and some of the most popular pod flavor prices has steadily been on the increase.
  • Some consider the JUUL pod size to be quite small and find they need to be replaced too often.
  • At 0.7ml capacity, the JUUL pod allows for 200 puffs. However, the nicotine concentration is high at 56mg/ml giving the user the required nicotine with fewer puffs. While some pods come at 3% and 5% nicotine concentration by weight, JUUL is not planning on releasing pods with less nicotine any time soon. Some users of the product wish for higher or lower dosages of the nicotine content within the pods.
  • The battery life of the JUUL has been the source of much annoyance (200mAH), with other vape pens offering a longer smoke time between charges.

What are the best JUUL alternative products?

When people seek JUUL alternative products, they are looking for no tanks, no buttons, and importantly no hassles. They want to be able to enjoy their vaping experience anytime and anywhere. Luckily, there are a wide range of JUUL and JUUL alternatives that do offer a good, economical replacement. These can be equally good or even better; after all it is a human trait to seek variety.

These are some of our favorite alternatives to JUUL, check them out!


The KWIT Stick, by Aspir, comes in a complete kit for an enjoyable vaping experience. The kit includes the battery; four color-coded pre-filled pods, a filling nozzle and micro -USB charging cable. The pods are easily refillable according to the preferred flavor. The pre-filled pods have four different colors, making them easily recognizable. Each pod has a silicon seal that can be removed for refilling. The body has an indication light which goes red when it needs to be recharged.

The device is fully charged within 20 minutes of connecting to a USB charger and offers up to 100 satisfying puffs. Pods can be refilled up to five times with 1ml of Salt Nic liquid. The nicotine has a 50mg/ml ratio (equivalent to 5% nicotine content) and is quite strong but the pods can be refilled with other Salt Nic liquids, even nicotine free ones.

Besides their affordable price, KWIT pods are also leak resistant in high altitudes and are pressure resistant.

Flavors are custom-crafted: Mango Tango, Mountain Mint, Sweet Tobacco and Wild Watermelon

KWIT is available in Pod refills and KWIT Salt Nic liquids.


The MYLE is a closed pod system that, unlike the KWIT device, is not refillable. Even though similar to the JUUL, there are many noticeable differences. This device offers an extremely easy vaping experience with no need to refill any pods, it is simply pop in a new pod, throw out the used one, and vape as you please. The MYLE is proving to be very popular closed system salt nic vaping device and definitely has a fair chance to compete against JUUL.

The MYLE starter kit ,available in Royal Blue and Midnight Black, includes the device, a micro- USB charger, and four different pod flavors. The device is available in a variety of colors including Midnight Black, Gun Metal, Prime Pink, Elite White and Royal Blue.

The device has a 240mAh battery with a three LED battery charge indicator. A single lit LED indicates a charge of 10% which is a clear indication to re-charge, two LED indicate 40% battery life, while three LED lines is anything between 75% and fully charged. The MYLE pods have a 0.9ml e-liquid capacity with strength of 50mg/ml salt nicotine and that offer 300 puffs each. One pod is the equivalent to one packet of cigarettes.

The battery life when full lasts a good six hours and the device is a pocket friendly one. Its ergonomic design is aesthetically pleasing and it is user friendly while offering smooth inhalation.

Flavors available: Summer Strawberry, Lush Ice, Mighty Mint, Cubano, and Tropical Mango


Like the MYLE, KWIT, and JUUL devices, the STIG is also a closed pod device. However, unlike the three mentioned devices, it is unique in that it is disposable. If you are looking for the easiest vaping experience that is compact, lightweight, and straight-forward to use, look no further than the STIG devices. 

Each device comes fully charged with enough e-liquid to compete against a full pack of cigarettes. With satisfying vapor production and a sufficient throat hit, a single device has approximately 270 puffs before running empty. The best part is, once finished, simply throw out the device and move on to your next one!

One pack of STIG contains 3 ultra portable pods, with each STIG pod containing 1.2ml of Salt Nic based e-liquid and around 6% nicotine by volume.

STIG pods are available in five satisfying flavors: Tropical Mango, Iced Mango Bomb, Lush Ice (the same as MYLE), Cubano, and Mighty Mint

Plus Pods

The Plus Pods are JUUL compatible and a favorite for those seeking a cheaper JUULpod alternative.

Flavors available: Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon, Banana, Lemonade, Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, and California Cream

All these flavors are of a good quality and affordable. Each pack contains 4 X 1 ml of the pods (the JUUL pod has 0.7ml) and more flavors were recently added as demand increased. The air flow in the Plus Pod is the same as the tight airflow available from the JUUL and the nicotine salt is at 60mg or 6% nicotine by volume. 

A little insider trick, try taking a hit when covering up on of the holes on the top of the pod to get a whole different experience ;).

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