JUUL vs MYLE: What’s the Difference Between the Vaping Device

Whether you’re thinking about making the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, or if you’ve been vaping for a while, but are considering switching up your device, there are two awesome ones you might want to try: JUUL and MYLE

Both of these vaping devices are thin, lightweight, and have a more modern look than other types of e-cigarettes, but what exactly are they? Are there any differences between the two? Which one is better? Keep on reading to find the answers to these questions – and more.



JUUL hit the vaping scene back in 2015. It looks nothing like a traditional cigarette; it’s much more fun and stylish. It contains two elements: the bottom holds the temperature regulation system and battery, and the top holds the cartridge or “pod”that contains e-liquid; it also serves as the mouthpiece.

JUUL pods come in a variety of flavors, like mint, mango, fruit medley, and Juul podscucumber. They also hold about .7 ml of e-juice and have a nicotine level of about 5%. Just pop in the pod of your choice and you’re ready to go. The capacity of the battery is 200mAh, which can last you the entire day or a few hours, depending on how often you use it. Oh, and the battery is rechargeable; it comes complete with a USB charger.

With a JUUL, you’ll get about 200 puffs per pod, so you’ll be able to enjoy vaping for a decent amount of time before you have to change out the pod.



MYLE is newer than JUUL; it’s only been around since 2016. Their mission is to create alternatives to traditional cigarettes while maintaining the same level of satisfaction. It features some of the most advanced vaping technology, which allows for an exceptionally smooth puff. Like JUUL, MYLE also has a very sleek and modern design. It was and was made in Italy and features and features some of the most advanced technologies. Like JUUL it features a bottom compartment MYLE devicesthat holds the battery, and a top compartment that holds the e-juice pod and serves as the mouthpiece.MYLE pods also come in a wide selection of flavors, including strawberry, Cubano tobacco, mango, mint, and watermelon mint.

While the two devices do have a similar design, MYLE is a bit more slender, fits better in the hand, and its weight is more comfortable, so it’s easy to carry. The e-juice capacity of MYLE pods is .9 ml, as compared to the .7 ml capacity of JUUL, so it will last you a bit longer. The battery life is 240mAh, so it lasts about 20% to 30% longer between charges than JUUL. Lastly, you’ll get about 240 puffs per pod with MYLE, as compared to the 200 puffs JUUL pods offer.


Which is Better?

From a vaping perspective, both JUUL and MYLE are exceptional products. They are extremely easy to use, the puffs are super smooth, they both offer a great selection of flavors to choose from, are widely considered a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, and are so sleek and easy to carry around. However, MYLE has the upper hand on battery life and pod liquid capacity, so you’ll get more out of it at the same price point.


Which vaping device is better? Our personal pick would have to be MYLE.

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