Leaky Juul Pods

Leaky Juul Pods

Leaky Juul pods are not exactly common, but it may occur. There are different reasons why your Juul may not work as well as it did when you first purchased it.

Common causes of a faulty Juul

  • Changes in the temperature: A common temperature change is accidentally leaving your Juul in a hot car. The increase in temperature can not only affect the vapor that has a sharp flavor and a vapor that is not as satisfying. Another cause (though not as common) is a change in the temperature of the pods when they are being filled. It is possible that the pods may have become defective while they were being filled. If there was a discrepancy during the filling process, it may have shifted the normal temperature and caused a deficiency in the pod.
  • Changes in pressure: Although Juul is one of the better options for e-cigs that bear a resistance to altitude, sometimes changes in air pressure can affect the function of your Juul. A common cause of pressure change is travel of the Juul user, or even shipping. Being transported from one location to another is one of the rare reasons that your Juul may become defective. Frequent travel with your Juul normally does not affect it, but it may change the useability of your Juul. Constant change in pressure may be the culprit if your Juul does not work as well as when you first purchased it.
  • How you use your Juul may also affect it: aggressively puffing away can cause it to leak. Biting the mouthpiece while puffing and squeezing the sides of your Juul when replacing the pods can cause leakage in your Juul. Be sure when you’re puffing to relax your mouth on the mouthpiece when puffing and position your fingers on the outer edges of the hard plastic mouthpiece as you click your pods into place.


cleaning a Juul pod


Signs of a leaky vape pod

  • Your hits are inconsistent: the potency fluctuates with each hit.
  • Poor battery connection: Your Juul does not hold its charge, or it is not charging properly and consistently.
  • Airflow obstruction: You may have difficulty drawing in any nicotine when you inhale. Either it is hard to draw any nicotine in, or you’re unable to do it altogether.
  • Juul can’t charge
  • Juul ultimately breaks: Your Juul stops working completely.

Once your Juul begins giving you problems, try to clean it out and see if that helps, or what else could be causing your Juul difficulty. Not getting rid of a leaky pod can eventually cause damage to your Juul. The liquids can seep into your Juul and cause damage that, over time, can become irreparable. Once you notice a faulty pod, clean your Juul and replace it immediately.

Juul pod cleaning

What can I do to fix my Juul?

The first thing you want to do is throw out a faulty pod. If your pod is possibly damaging your Juul, use another one and see how your Juul works. If your Juul is still not working properly, try cleaning out your Juul. Having leftover gunk that leaked into your Juul can make your Juul glitchy and prevent it from working the way it should.

Keeping an eye on the conditions in which you keep your Juul can guarantee a longer shelf life. Take care of your Juul, and it will take care of you.

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