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Use Refillable Salt Nic Liquids to Kick the Habit and Vape like a Pro!

Nicotine salts are gaining popularity in vaping culture and for good reason – they help smokers ditch the habit faster by closely mimicking nicotine levels found in cigarettes. They come in a wide variety of smooth, tasty flavors and are easy on the pocketbook – what’s not to love?

In this blog we’re going to discuss the basics of salt nic vape juice, present our favorite compatible devices and juice brand and make a case for why refillable vapes are both cost-effective and awesome on your taste buds. 

The Salt Nic 4-1-1

Traditional vape juice contains nicotine mixed with high amounts of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The common nicotine levels found in traditional vape juice are 0mg/3mg/6mg/12mg with the rare occasion of an 18mg flavor. Most people would shy away from vaping anything over 18mg because it would be too harsh of a hit. That’s where salt nic liquid comes in.

While they haven’t always been in vogue, salt nic juices began to rise in popularity because of the JUUL pod vaping device. Through the use of nicotine salt, the brand was able to pack a large nicotine punch into a small juice delivery system that felt like a natural transition to those looking to kick the habit. One 0.7 ml JUUL pod is said to contain the nicotine equivalent of 20 cigarettes. JUUL pods are designed to be used and then thrown away when empty creating automatic demand, similar to purchasing packs of cigarettes.

Salt nic vape liquids contain lower amounts of PG and VG plus Benzoic Acid, a neutralizing additive, that allows people to vape higher nicotine levels, typically 25mg and 50mg, without the harshness found in traditional vape juice. Most vapers wanted to simply grab salt nic juice and add it to their current vapes. The problem was that adding salt nic vape juice to a typical 60-watt sub-ohm vaporizer would burn out coils within just a few fires. This disconnect between higher nicotine juices and compatible devices created a new opportunity in the vaping market. Many vape brands began building on the JUUL trend by designing stand-alone vape devices with lower wattages able to vaporize salt nic liquids on a refillable basis. 

Compatible Salt Nic Devices

The Suorin Air

Sized smaller than your credit card, The Suorin Air takes incognito vaping to the next level. With a 2 ml liquid cartridge the Suorin Air operates at a lower wattage (9-12) pairing it nicely with salt nic juices. A truly stealth-vape, the Suorin Air has inspired many white-collar vapers to upgrade to this slim, nearly silent design that slips into any Oxford shirt pocket.

The Suorin Drop

This vape fits comfortably in the palm of your hand but with a bit more of a fashionable flair than its counterpart, the Air model. The Suorin Drop is a strong contender in the highly portable vaping space delivering long-lasting battery life, 2ml liquid cartridge and a tasty cloud.

VGOD Saltnic Juices

We would be remiss if we left VGOD Saltnic juices out of this discussion. Our favorite brand of salt nic vape juice, VGOD delivers a robust flavor palette of fruit, candy, menthol, and tobacco flavors. One of this brand’s most unique nic salt line-ups is its cigar series. With robust notes of vanilla and brown sugar, this tobacco flavor experience is as intense as it is satisfying. With most VGOD juice options priced under $15, VGOD Saltnic is very affordable for those looking to kick the habit.

The JUUL Pod Debate

As we stated above, JUUL pods are the original salt nic option but frustrate many customers craving flexibility. Some people love them, some people don’t. The arguments against JUUL devices are that they become expensive over time and limit flavor options. Most vapers use roughly one JUUL pod per day which can become quite costly when cartridges cost about five bucks each. JUUL offers nine flavors that cannot be mixed. There are variety packs of flavors available but users are inevitably left with one or more flavors they don’t enjoy limiting themselves even further. 

The other side of this debate is choosing a stand-alone vaping device that is specifically designed to handle salt nic juices, like the Suorin Air and Drop models above, and refill your liquid chamber over and over when empty. With most bottles of salt nic juices priced under $20, it will cost half as much and last twice as long as vaping one pack of JUUL pods. Refillable salt nic juices come in just about any flavor you could want allowing you to taste the rainbow and mix flavors however you choose.

Over the long-term, refilling your empty vape devices instead of using throw-away pods will save money and give you the flavor flexibility you’ve been craving. As cigarette prices continue to skyrocket, smokers look to not only take back their health but also their wallets and we believe refillable salt nic vape liquids will help them do exactly that.

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