Age Verification

Here at Price Point, We strongly discourage anyone under the age of 21 to purchase our products. We are actively ensuring that we keep our merchandise out of the hands of minors by implementing an age verification service onto our site; verifies your age by collecting photo verification of each user for their first order. Once a customer's account has been verified, subsequent orders will not require photo identification and will process without an issue as long as historical order details remain the same.

Orders will process through prior to taking the photos, however users will need to upload proper identification if they wish to have their order processed by Price Point NY for shipping.

By using an age verification service, we at Price Point want to show that we stay committed to the safety of minors by keeping our products inaccessible to them. That ensures better service for our current buyers. We understand the concern of buying tobacco products on the internet, which is why we are taking the necessary steps to keep our devices out of the wrong hands.
You may find more information regarding the verification service by visiting the following page:
To get in contact with support, please visit here.