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    What is the MYLE?

    The Myle (or MYLE), created by Myle Vapor is a vaping pod system similar to the JUUL, and KWIT devices.  It offers a sleek design, similar to that of the Juul, and has an interchangeable pod flavor system. Like it’s contenders, there’s no mess, and no headache of a traditional vaping system.  Just pop your pod in your charged device, and puff!

    What Do I Need to Know About Myle?

    • To get started, you may want to check out the Myle Starter Pack.  This includes the device, charger, and a multi-pack of 4 different pod flavors for you to try out.
    • The MYLE device is available in a variety of colors including Midnight BlackGun MetalPrime Pink, Elite White, and Royal Blue.
    • The newer MYLE devices can now be charged with a standard micro-usb charger.
    • Older MYLE devices were charged by a USB charging dock similar to that of JUUL’s.  Now, you can just plug in the micro-usb charger, which comes included, but at least if you lose it, it’s much easier to replace.
    • Internal battery capacity is 240mAH.
    • MYLE pods contain .9mL of juice.
    • What Flavor Pods are Available for the Myle Device? 
    • Myle has quite a few distinct flavor pods, such as StrawberryLush IceMighty MintCubano, and Tropical Mango
    • The pod cartridges are pre-filled with juice created by the nicotine salt brand, SaltNic.
    • MYLE pods contain about 5% nicotine (50mg).  
    • The pods offer up to 300 puffs each,  with each one being roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes 

    More on The MYLE Brand

    MYLE produces a selection of vape products and accessories designed for easy use with the latest technology. The MYLE nicotine delivery system is a sleek, user-friendly vape device featuring an interchangeable pod system, allowing users to choose their desired flavor and/or nicotine strength.

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