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Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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    MYLE (View All)

    In an industry generally lacking creative optimism and hope MYLÉ (pronounced “my-lee”) was born -- a nicotine delivery system which mimics the satisfaction obtained from smoking a cigarette.

    Easily recognized as one of the fastest growing nicotine delivery systems worldwide, MYLÉ has eclipsed its competitors to set a global market standard in providing consumers with a premium alternative to smoking.

    Through the use of modern vaping device technology combined with scientifically designed eliquid formulas, MYLÉ's  goal is to achieve world leadership status in presenting tobacco users with a desirable alternative to combustible cigarettes from their ever-growing and ever-popular MYLE Mini disposables to their line-up of ENDS kits.

    Welcome to new horizons in the electronic cigarette industry. Introducing MYLÉ.

  • MYLE Mini Disposables
    MYLE Mini Disposables Image | Price Point NY

    MYLE Disposables include premium quality and premium flavors in a variety of options. Check out the MYLE Mini disposable which has been a top-seller since it's creation.
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JUUL Labs is the leading e-cigarette company behind the JUUL vaping system. Featuring a beautifully designed sleek closed pod system, all you need to do to start your JUUL experience is pop in a JUULpod into the device and take a puff to produce vapor. Looking for a premium vaping experience? Look no further than JUUL and their wide variety of JUUL pod flavors.

What are Juul Pods?

The highly portable JUUL vaping device uses JUUL pods in its closed pod system to allow users to enjoy the ease of vaping. Each pod contains nicotine salts to provide the nicotine alternative experience they they are looking for when looking to quit smoking.

Fun facts about Juul

JUUL provides a starter kit option with their premier JUUL hardware system and a pack of 2 or 4 pod multi-flavor pods. Juul offers nicotine in 3% or 5% options. You just need a USB to charge it Every JUUL pod provides about ~200 puffs before needing to be replaced The battery can last up to one full day per full charge

Fun facts about Juul

JUUL pods flavors contain around 0.7ml of vape juice in each cartridge and come in a standard 5% NBW (nicotine by weight). JUULpods are also available in 3% NBW for their Cool Mint and Virginia Tobacco flavors. JUUL estimates that this 0.7ml capacity should be around the equivalent of one pack of cigarettes, so if you're an ex-smoker of a packet a day, one pod per day should see you through.

What are the flavors?

Virginia Tobacco
Classic Tobacco

We also have a range of Juul compatible pods! Also check out the variety of JUUL accessories available for the device above!